Rev. Cynthia Eakle
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Pentecost, Part 5: Waiting on the Word - Matthew 26:36-46

July 16, 2023
There are relatively few Christians that observe Shavuot or Pentecost. Yet, this holiday is filled with redemptive and practical significance. In this session, we will discuss practical ways you can celebrate Shavuot and how it can enrich your relationship with God.

Pentecost Part 4: Pouring Out - Joel 2:28-32

July 09, 2023
Pouring Out - Joel 3:1-5 (TLV) (other versions Joel 2:28-32) It was no accident that God gave the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. This was the same appointed time He gave the Torah on Mount Sinai. This convergence indicates that full power and authority as believers require that the Spirit and the Word work together strongly in our lives.